How to Get Customer’s contact info


Internet is fascinating. We can just create a content and throw it on the internet. And then the content can be potentially viewed by many users. However, if the content has not help us to generate potential customer for the business, it is considered meaningless in the digital marketing concept. Our goal of building the content is to discover potential customer they will eventually benefit the real business.

So how can we collect potential customers’ contact info?

We have to create this possibility in our website design. I will demonstrate the process of getting user contact info on the Hubspot.

1. Create a form that can collect contact info

In order to let user input their contact info, we have to use a form. We will create the form in the landing page.

  • Go to Content -> landing pages, as shown below.
  • Then click ‘Create a new landing page’ button on the top left hand side.
  • Next, choose a template. I have chosen Simple LP template, give it a name. Then push Create button.
  • Add on-page title, edit the rich-text module and edit form if you want to. I will keep the form as it is.

2. Create a CTA that can trigger the landing page we just create.

  • Go to Content -> calls-to-action, as shown below.
  • Then click ‘Create a CTA’ button.
  • Create CTA; edit name, text appears on the button. One important thing is that you have to link to the landing page you have created in the 1st step. Then push the ‘Create CTA’ button.

3. Put the CTA button in your page

We have created the contact info submission page and the CTA. Now we need to embed our CTA into our page. Let’s say, we want to put the CTA in our blog post. In your text editor, there is a button (see below) which allows you to add CTA into your content. After clicking this button, you got to choose the CTA we have just created.

Great. We have done all the job. Now, let’s wait to see if someone clicks the CTA button, submit the contact info. Nice thing about Hubspot is that it can track all these info and show you an analytical report. You gotta optimize above works based on the analytics. Hope it is helpful.


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