Learn Digital Marketing, Do Not Worry About Website Design

learn digital marketing
Many years ago, I made my first website for a bike tour business. I put all my efforts on technical details such as how to design the website, how to write codes and how to make the website available online. I tried so hard to learn web coding such as HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. I cared less on the business itself. I thoughts as soon as the website is available, the business would start running. However, the website did not bring any luck to our business as expected. No one had visited the website except for a few friends. The business was ended soon after. I thought it might be helpful to share some ideas I have learned from my experiences on how to build website content.

First of all, a website is nothing if it does not bring success or growth to the business. Most of time, it is unnecessary to create a complicated website with many features and functions. Business is always the core. The marketing and sales are main driver for business growth. Marketing people know customers, know what they need. Therefore, the website should start with marketing and concentrate on marketing. This concept is happened to be called digital marketing on the internet era.

In digital marketing, businesses concentrate on information or content rather than the website itself. What can truly bring value to the business is not the website, it is content indeed. Actually, it is getting so easy to make a website in recent days. There are so many great tools to use, for instance WordPress, Hubspot, Wix etc. It is not necessary to have coding knowledge such as HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. All you need to know is text editing basic skills.  Therefore, what you really need to concentrate on is the content which contains valuable information to your business.

In digital marketing, the website content can be developed within following steps.

  • Step 1: Planning.  What is the purpose of your content, what problem your content should try to solve, what is your target customer; What improvement are you expecting by this content, how to measure your results etc. You should have clear answers for all these questions before heading toward next step.
  • Step 2: Create the content.  In this step, you create actual content. You should develop the content concentrating on results from step 1. Your content can be videos, blogs, images etc. Just try to make sure your content is attractive to the targeted customer you defined in step 1.
  • Step 3: Promote your content. Your content need to be distributed after creation. Most of time, this step is neglected. People just think that the content will be visited by others somehow (may be by Google search). Obviously, it would not work. There are overwhelming information on the internet. No doubt, your content will disappear in the sea of information. Therefore, distributing your content is actually equally important as creating the content. You can distribute your content by emails, text message, call, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Most people tend to use social medias to promote their content .
  • Step 4: Analyze it. Analytics gives you insights on how well your content is performing. It should answer to questions, like does the content meet the goal you set in the planning stage, does your distribution method effective? Analytics help you pinpoint the problem. So that you know what problem to solve.
  • Step 5: Improving. You find solution to fix the problem found in above step. You need to improve your content according to the analytics results. Then, just re-plan the content, re-create it and re-promote it in the full cycle.

Above 5 steps process gives you an general idea of how to make and manage website content. Your content will get better and better by repeating above processes.



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